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Membership Policies and Code of Conduct.
The Matt & Kim Scream Team was formed to to provide an easy way for members to get access to Matt and Kim ticket packages, early access to General Admission shows or preferred seating at shows that are not General Admission, occasional Meet and Greet opportunities with the band, merchandise bundles and exclusive content. No member is guaranteed a pre-sale ticket, meet and greet or a VIP package. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT ALL SHOWS WILL OFFER PRE-SALE TICKETS OR VIP PACKAGES. Although our goal is to offer lower service charges there is also no guarantee that the service charges offers by the Scream Team will always be lower than the service charges offered by venue box office, other ticketing agencies etc. Pre-sale tickets are allocated by the venues/promoters and although we attempt to get the best seats for the community there is no guarantee implied that the pre-sale will provide seats in the first 10 rows of the venue (unless specified in the package offering). The abuse of a Matt and Kim Scream Team membership and those privileges included will not be tolerated.

• Memberships, Presale Tickets, Packages, Merchandise or Services may NOT be sold and/or transferred. If a member is found to be selling his/her Memberships, Presale Tickets, Packages, Merchandise or Services, the membership(s) will be cancelled without a refund.
The purchaser MUST attend the performance

• Members are responsible for updating their information with the Matt and Kim Scream Team. This can be done at any time by emailing customer service.

• Any behavior that is detrimental to Matt and Kim Scream Team, any employees affiliated with either, or any member of of the Matt and Kim Scream Team will not be tolerated and includes but is not limited to (1) profanity or obscenities; (2) libel, defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, harmful, threatening, abusive or hateful mail, email, telephone conversations, message board postings, or personal confrontations (3) displaying any personal information about oneself or that of another including but not limited to address and telephone number. Any abuse of this policy will be grounds for revoking a membership. We reserve the right to remove any user generated content (i.e. forum posts or threads etc) for any reason at any time.

• Matt & Kim and the Matt and Kim Scream Team management reserves the right to revoke a membership to Matt and Kim Scream Team Community without providing a refund, at any time, if, in the sole determination of Matt & Kim Scream Team, the Companies determines a member has or might violate a term or condition of these policies.

• Except where prohibited, by registering for the Scream Team you hereby agree to authorize us to use your name, voice, portrait and likeness, including any statements, interviews or performances of you in any video, recorded, filmed, taped, and/or photographed material created by Scream Team management in connection with Matt & Kim Music photographing and producing video material related to your Matt and Kim Scream Team membership (“the Work”). We have the right to use the Work for any purpose, including but not limited to any related advertisement, promotion and publicity for Matt and Kim Forever, and to exhibit, produce, broadcast, distribute, and otherwise exploit the Work in whole or in part, through any and all means and all media, whether now known or hereafter developed, throughout the world into perpetuity. Matt and Kim Scream Team Management shall have the right to edit, modify, add to and/or delete any or all of the material contained in the Work, including that material which contains your name, voice, portrait and likeness, in whole or in part. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, you shall not receive any compensation whatsoever in connection with your services and performances in connection with or as part of the Work, the use and exploitation of your Work or the exercise of the rights granted to you herein.

Notification of Changes This policy may be revised over time as new features are added to the Matt and Kim Scream Team. We will post the amended Policy prominently on our Web site so that you can review these policies.