• matt and kim go to a rave.

matt and kim go to a rave.

Matt and Kim go to a rave.

I know what you are thinking… “why the hell would they be at a rave?” I am going to admit that over 10 years ago i was a raver… a straight edge raver at that. I would go and dance my ass off from midnight till 8 in the morning completely drug free. I was introduced to the rave scene because my brother was/is a dj and i wanted to do whatever he was doing. He has been djing for 16 years now. He is still straight edge which means he really loves the music!! My brother is an amazing dj and i am so proud of him! This past weekend he spun at a rave that was here in brooklyn. It was actually at club exit where matt and i played at only a few weeks back. It was matt’s first time to a rave and i think it really exhausted him.
I will say the rave scene hasn’t changed at all which to me is a bit sad. I know alot of people don’t like things to change and i will admit up to a few years ago i was the same way but i realized if things don’t evolve we will keep doing the same shit year after year and there is nothing exciting about that. I really hope that people keep doing more amazing stuff each year which will excite other people into doing awesome stuff. If this doesn’t happen we are all going to end up like the rave scene!

Here are some photos of the rave and my brother DJ VENOM spinning. Again i am so proud of him!

full on rave

This is my brother david aka DJ VENOM

dj venom aka kim's brother

creepy photo of matt

matt at a rave

Me and my brother

david and kim

Here is a video my brother put together for one of his mixes. If you don’t like violence please don’t watch this!