• Lightning - Matt And Kim


What? What! It is finally OCTOBER 2nd! We've been waiting for this day with great excitement. Today LIGHTNING comes out. Now let me tell you something. We worked our asses off on this album and it came out exactly as we imagined. I know you are probably saying… well isn't that what you do with every album. Well yes, that is the goal, but with LIGHTNING things just lined up. We wrote and recorded LIGHTNING in our old apartment on Grand St in Brooklyn. It was a nice farewell to that apartment to finish the album there. Also it was great to be home surrounded by friends. We also went back to doing this album ourselves. Just Matt and I in a room… a lot of times without pants on. Come on I bet 80% of you who work at home never put pants on. I consider that an accomplishment.

So starting January 1st we started working on this album and what we ended with was exactly what we wanted. Which brings me to today. The album comes out for all to hear and then later tonight we hop on the bus to start touring. I hope to see you out on the road singing along with us cause like I say "We are all in this together"

So when you put this album on your computer, phone, or iPod make sure you write "Matt and Kim and (insert your name)" to the Artist section or write it right on the CD. Cause we are coming to you and we gonna go big on this one! Let's GO!
Big hugs,

PURCHASE LIGHTNING ON iTUNES: http://bit.ly/Lightning_iTunes